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Colin has been in the ad industry for 15 years having worked in agencies all over the world including Japan, Canada, Australia, UK and Ireland. He claims to have won advertising awards in every continent, but gets tetchy when you question the credentials of his bronze Antarctica. Colin splits his time evenly between his email inbox and the local dog park.

Phone: +353-86-821-3070

Evan Kane


Evan originally applied for the position of office dog with the Social House, but decided to give copywriting a shot when he learnt of Pig's nepotistic stranglehold on the position. He does however come almost fully house trained and with many of the desired attributes that you would expect of a copywriter. He likes to be scratched under the chin, long walks in the park and can be usually found chasing his own tail.

Piglesworth McPig

Bark Director

Making the Social House a Social Home is our canine colleague Pig. As the only employee with his own office, his position of power is clear for all to see. Pig’s job description includes; marking creative territories around the lanes of Camden Street, welcoming newbies and ruling the office couch with an iron paw and puppy dog eyes.

Sarah Malone

Account Executive - Intern

Fresh off the Social House conveyor belt, Sarah is the youngest (human) member of our team. When not brokering lucrative deals with local printing companies, she can be found in search of the perfect chicken fillet roll. Sarah is currently completing a degree in Business and Arts Management, and successfully juggles her internship with a weekend job to boot. Despite her age Sarah draws on a wealth of experience, including her time spent as Head of Porcupine Maintenance at Dublin Zoo.

Jarrod Bandyga

Creative Director

Jarrod is an import from Canada, arriving with little more than a laptop, his golf clubs, and a lumberjack shirt. His career has seen him create notable campaigns for Ogilvy, DDB, and Dare, earning him several shiny international awards along the way. Still, none of them compare to his 1989 Southern Alberta Spelling Bee Trophy, which sits on his desk and earns him occasional wedgies from his co-workers.

Phone: +353-87-069-9251

Lucy Gibbs

Account Manager

Lucy joined the team fresh off the ferry from London where she spent the last five years working in both Marketing and Event Management. Like a shrewd double agent, she’s worked on both sides of the fence for Momentum Worldwide on the agency side, then in-house for the political lobbying organisation, Countryside Alliance. Her former key accounts include a number of tiny, up-and-coming brands like Nokia, American Express, European Tour Golf, Rowntrees, Ralph Lauren and Rolex.

Phone: 086 855 5298

Paddy O'Mahoney


Paddy is a sandwich enthusiast who likes watching Liverpool, quoting Wayne's World and reading exposé books about Lance Armstrong. A refugee from the Internet's war on paid journalism, Paddy is new to the advertising hustle and would appreciate the turning of a blind eye if he makes an embarrassing faux pas.

Laura Rice

Art Director

Laura's surname and height make her quite nicknameable (short, rice...y'know?) Although she's a "baby creative", she made it here by telling The Social House she has a crush on them (which was pretty grown up of her.) She hates Mondays because her fear of hearing a Game of Thrones spoiler, but absolutely loves anyone who'll discuss the show with her in detail.


Managing Director

Catrióna bucked the recent trend of Irish immigration by returning from London, where she spent the best part of a decade honing her craft. She has an unflinching passion for producing breakthrough work, as evidence in her development of campaigns for Volkswagen, Cadbury, Renault and TG4. Warning: Do not steal her lines during a karaoke duet.

Phone: 085 861 3169

David Kee

Art Director

Growing up in Lusk, North County Dublin, Dave was destined to ride a scrambler. Somehow he ended up on a fixie, and his chosen mode of transport makes him the closest thing the office has to an advertising stereotype. The excellent output from the left side of his brain means he gets away with it, but it's fair to say we are watching his facial hair and non-prescription spectacle situation with a keen eye. He will direct the bejaysus out of your art.

Hannah Mullen

Account Executive

Hannah was offered the job at The Social House en route to London, did a quick 180 and hasn’t looked back. It never would have worked out anyway, she’s been having a love affair with Dublin since forever having worked with Totally Dublin, Thread Magazine and Jo’Burger. She even spent her year in New York working for fashion house EDUN which was founded by Bono and Ali Hewson!

Phone: 086 861 2918

WHAT DO WE DO? Traditional, digital, social, anti-social, ambient, experiential, ambiential tradigital. Okay, we just made that last one up. What we’re trying to say is that it’s better to ask what we don’t do. (QR Codes is one of our answers.)


We offer a Dublin-based agency with a world view. Between us all we've worked at Canada’s Agency of the Decade, grown a leading integrated agency in London and cut our teeth working in Tokyo on Volkswagen and other major brands.

We’re built in a way that supports the creation of great ideas. That starts with having more creative staff than account staff, flipping the traditional ratio and ensuring more thinking is thrown at your creative challenge.

A vintage arcade? An in-house mustachioed barista? An Italian marble ping-pong table? You will find none of these things in our office. A modest office with audacious thinkers is more our speed. If you’d rather pay for what’s in our heads rather than our overheads, it might be your speed too.


00353 86 8213070